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Viet's Power

Viet’s Power Joint Stock Company  was established for the first time in March 2009, formerly a small factory with a small amount of capital, old and outdated machinery, difficult working conditions and shortages. Over 10 years of continuous efforts and efforts, Viet’s Power has gradually affirmed its position and brand name in the field of manufacturing – door trading and industrial wood furniture, being a traditional partner of many investors. , general contractor and major customers such as FLC Group, Sunshine Group, MIK Group, General Contractor Phuc Hung, Hoa Binh …

Mission and Vision

Viet's Power

With a strong desire to rise up strongly and a sustainable development strategy, Viet’s Power strives to become a reputable brand and position in the field of door production and trading, and wooden furniture, to provide spaces. living friendly, modern, classy and comfortable for a Vietnamese home.
For a prosperous community and good life for the Vietnamese people.

Main Business Sectors

Viet's Power

* Transportation, goods
– Providing trucking services
– Warehouse, factory for rent
– Providing wooden packaging of all kinds

* Producing construction wooden
– Producing wooden doors – Producing interior and exterior
– Trading in door accessories, interior and exterior
– Producing decorative products from wood

* Completion of construction works
– Interior and exterior design consulting
– Construction and installation of complete wooden doors, wooden floors and exterior furniture

* Manpower supply

– Supplying manpower to direct and supervise works for door, floor and wood furniture projects
– Supply of manpower for production
– Supply of manpower for construction and completion of works

* Management consulting
– Consulting to build ISO quality management system
– Consulting to improve productivity and product quality

 Commitment to Action

Viet's Power

For customers:
The Company is committed to maximizing the interests of customers by providing safe, quality products at competitive costs and perfect after-sales service

For employees:
Construction a friendly, professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment; motivating employees to develop themselves, improve their income and have fair and transparent promotion opportunities.

For partners:
To uphold the spirit of cooperation for mutual development by building a reliable, sustainable, equal and good partnership.

For shareholders:
Transparent and clear finance; Maintaining effective production and business results to ensure long-term benefits of investors.

For the community:
Fully fulfill its obligations to the State Budget, actively participate in community activities for a prosperous society.

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